About Peter Chilvers

Peter Chilvers is a musician and software designer. Best known for creating the acclaimed iPhone applications Bloom and Trope with Brian Eno, he has also recorded numerous albums both as a band member and as a solo instrumentalist.

In 2006 he began working as a musical and technical assistant to Brian Eno on projects including the soundtracks to Spore and The Lovely Bones, the collaboration with David Byrne and the Warp releases “Small Craft on a Milk Sea” and “Drums Between the Bells”.

Letka, a collaboration with Irish vocalist Sandra O’Neill, released Far Off Country in early 2012. The album, a seamless blend of country and ambient influences features Brian Eno’s production and backing vocals on its opening track Beyond the Fold. The duo also released the iPhone app Air in 2009. Based on concepts by Brian Eno, Air assembles vocal and piano samples into a beautiful, still and ever changing composition.

He recently formed Slow Electric, a collaboration with vocalist and long term collaborator Tim Bowness and Estonian duo Uma. Mixing improvisation, contemplative songs and electronic textures, the quartet has performed in the UK, Estonia and the Ukraine. Their debut album was released on Robert Fripp’s Panegyric label in 2011 and features a guest performance from Tony Levin.

Hobbies include dog walking, watching unhealthy amounts of apocalyptic sci-fi and hiding behind the protection of writing in third person when making grand claims about his past.

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