Odd Bot Out

Odd Bot Out is a physics-based puzzler from Swedish developer Martin Magni. The goal is to guide your hapless robot companion over assorted blocks and slopes to an exit on the right of the screen.


The app’s greatest strength is its physics engine, which is extremely intuitive, flexible and believable. Blocks can be stacked, pushed over or joined together with a satisfying click, switches can be wired to motors to build levers and crude vehicles. Above all, the physics makes the robot all the more real and engaging ; its attempts to regain its balance give it the air of a drunk puppy trying to balance on a beach ball, and the effect is utterly charming.

After playing through the first forty levels, it feels to me that there’s much greater potential to be tapped here. That’s saying something when the app presently has exclusively 5 star reviews on the UK app store.¬†Although it’s incredibly impressive that Odd Bot Out was created by a single developer, I could imagine that a set of levels from an experienced level designer with a fresh perspective would make a worthwhile in-app purchase that would greatly boost the app’s longevity.

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