A not-so-brief hiatus…

I started Unworldly back in 2012 with good intentions of writing regular reviews of the many beautiful apps that fascinated me. That all ground to a halt when I was given the unexpected opportunity to spend a year travelling around the world as a trainee rock star playing keyboards live with Underworld vocalist Karl Hyde. That was fun.

After spending the following six months recovering, I then had a bit of a backlog of work on my own apps. First, an update to Scape, my most recent iPad app with Brian Eno, followed by Bloom, the app we first released back in 2008. I’m still working on updating the remaining apps, as well as two new apps that are close to completion.

So now Unworldly is back… as I still have plenty of other projects ongoing, I’m going to learn from past lessons and keep reviews shorter.

If you’ve developed an app that you think would be of interest to me, I’d love to hear from you… and if you’re in need of an ambient soundtrack, I’m rather in the mood to write one.

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